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Our Design Process

All our products are handmade in our studio workshop in Marietta, Ga.

Initial Consultation

We want to hear what’s most important to you in your space. Our collaborative approach helps us understand the individual needs unique to each project. This is where we listen and look at all the pictures and ideas you have been saving. We use this time to get to know your style and needs to create your unique design plan.


We take the gathered information and discuss a rough estimate. However, based on the materials, finishes, and intricacy of the design, costs can vary. Once the design is created and the specifics are finalized we are able to get an exact price.


Not all projects need drawings, but, we can complete a customized layout and drawings for your space if desired. We do require a design deposit ranging from $250-$750 depending on the scope of the project. This deposit is non-refundable, then we will work with you to determine the general design concepts, style, and vision for your project. Once completed you will receive a hard copy of the dimensional drawing in black and white showing the cabinetry in your space. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Congratulations on purchasing your Summit Design product.  We want you to enjoy it for years to come.  If you ever have any questions regarding your items, please contact us and we will be happy to help you. 


Cleaning your wood tops and cutting boards

Normal Cleaning: simply wipe with a clean damp cloth.  A mixture of 1 part vinegar to 4 part water can be used, if needed, for heavier dirt or grease.

Intense cleaning:  Using a paper towel or clean cloth, spray or wipe with Rubio Surface care spray or Rubio natural soap.

These are cleaners specifically designed to clean the finish and not leave a residue behind.  Surface care is ready to use.  The Rubio Natural Soap is a concentrated version of surface care spray and must be diluted according to instruction (100:1 water/soap ratio, or roughly, 18-20 drops per quart or liter)

VERY IMPORTANT.  Do not use any cleaners other than these, as most are too harsh and will strip the protective properties of the finish. 


The finish on your solid wood surface and cutting boards is food safe and ready to use.  They will resist staining from all common kitchen substances but for best care, they should not be allowed to sit on the finish for extended periods of time.  This can cause staining and the wood may expand.   We do not recommend cutting directly on the countertops with a knife, as it can cut through the finish.  Best practice is to use a cutting board for food prep.

Cutting boards are not dishwasher safe.  Periodically oil the boards with Rubio Monocoat. 


At some time in the future, just like with any other finish, you will start to see signs of wear, such as dulling of the finish.  This is normal and can be addressed with a timely application of the correct oil.  We find our wood products can be used for years before needing any rejuvenation.  We offer a full-service cleaning and application service for those who need it.  We can also guide our handy DIY homeowners through the process via a phone call. 

Summit Design Co.